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The MBA is a famously expensive degree. But most of the academic learning you’ll get in an MBA program can now be had through free online resources. We ran a detailed study of the “core” curricula of some of the world’s top business schools to determine the essential components of an MBA. Then, we curated the best online resources that teach each of those essential components.

Why Learn This

Unlike law or dentistry, you don't need a degree to conduct business. Yet, the basics of finance, accounting, operations and management are useful for most professions, even those outside of “business” and “management” fields. Some of these skills are even useful in personal life, e.g. when negotiating a car purchase or investing one’s savings.

What will I learn

You’ll learn the “core” MBA skills taught in top programs -- finance, accounting, operations management, marketing, strategy and organizational behavior.

What won't you learn? Traditional MBA programs place a lot of value in the interaction with peers, and building a network. It’s difficult for this (or any other fully online) program to substitute those interactions. This said, many of the classes included in this Learning Path have their own forums, where you could get to know “classmates” with shared interests.

Who is this for

Anyone who is interested in gaining the skills taught in an MBA program but is unsure if a traditional MBA degree is right for them. Engineers, designers, creative professionals, analysts... really, just about anyone looking to learn the fundamentals of business. No prior knowledge of business is assumed. An understanding of high school math would be helpful.

Gautam Tambay
Founder, SlideRule

Gautam co-founded SlideRule with a goal to organize online educational resources and make it easy for people to gain real-world skills. He got an MBA at Wharton, but has learned most skills outside of the traditional classroom setting. Besides being an avid learner, Gautam is an adventure seeker who has backpacked on all seven continents.
Laurie Pickard
Creator, No-Pay MBA

Laurie plans to be the first person to do the equivalent of a complete MBA using MOOCs. She shares insights on this endeavor at her site No-Pay MBA, which has been covered by The Wall Street Journal, Fortune, and Entrepreneur magazine. In addition to her studies, Laurie works as an international development professional in Kigali, Rwanda.

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